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Will your hardware startup make money?

We talk to lots of founders who underestimate how hard it is to make money selling consumer hardware, especially on their first production run. If your product costs $30 to produce and you sell it for $99, you make money, right? Not so fast.

Over $175 million pledged with Kickstarter in just three years

Kickstarter, a crowd funding website where individuals pitch their ideas to the masses and ask for funding, just celebrated its three year anniversary. The site opened on April 28, 2009 and since then, nearly 50,000 projects have sought financing with…

Zuckerberg on Silicon Valley, startups, taking risks

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg believes that being in Silicon Valley to create a startup isn’t necessary, or even recommended in some instances. The CEO spoke openly during a live interview at Y Combinator’s Startup School over the weekend. …