Steam machine articles

A portable Steam Machine is coming in 2016 for $299

In June last year, a company called Smach announced the SteamBoy, a portable game console designed to run PC games on Valve's SteamOS platform. Now, more than a year after its announcement, Smach has revealed that the Smach Zero (the…

The iBuyPower SBX is a $399 Steam machine

Back in 2013 we first heard about iBuyPower's low cost Steam Machine, which was originally expected to launch for $499. Nearly 12 months later the company is finally ready to release it, complete with revised hardware and a lower price.

Valve pushes back Steam Machines until 2015

Valve has been drumming up interest in Steam Machines with over a dozen hardware partners onboard and a few hundred prototypes in the hands of a few lucky testers. But the company’s ambitions of rivaling game consoles in the living…