Stock market articles

Etsy pops in IPO debut despite not yet turning a profit

Popular peer-2-peer e-commerce site Etsy finished its initial public offering on a high note. The company priced its IPO at $16 overnight (the upper end of its expected $14 to $16 range) with shares debuting at $31 on the Nasdaq Thursday morning.

Google's first ever stock split will happen on April 2

Google’s first ever stock split will take place on April 2. The move was expected to happen years ago but tensions and legal issues with some stockholders forced the search giant to shelf those plans. We’re back to green light…

Gamers band together to influence GTA V's stock market

Rockstar's latest iteration on the popular Grand Theft Auto franchise is an all encompassing experience, allowing players to go on heists, race fancy cars, steal military fighter jets and play the in-game stock market. Of all those things, you might…