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SoundCloud's paid music subscription service is finally here

SoundCloud’s long-rumored streaming music subscription service has finally arrived. Dubbed SoundCloud Go, the new service comes hot on the heels of licensing agreements with the "big three" major record labels but don’t worry, the company isn’t abandoning its roots. …

Pandora said to be searching for a buyer

Pandora's ownership may soon change hands. Sources familiar with the matter tell The New York Times that the Internet radio service has commissioned Morgan Stanley to help it meet with potential buyers.

Apple's iTunes Radio service is no longer free

If you've tried to launch iTunes Radio today and were instead prompted to sign up for Apple Music, you aren't alone. Apple on Friday discontinued its free, ad-support streaming music service, iTunes Radio.

Pandora will soon have to pay out more in royalties

The Copyright Royalty Board, a panel of three federal judges that set royalty rates for Internet radio stations, revealed on Wednesday a new set of rates that govern how much artists and labels get paid. As a result, Pandora -…

Google is shutting down Songza early next year

It’s been nearly a year and a half since Google acquired free streaming music and recommendation service Songza. At the time, the search giant said there were no immediate changes in the pipeline and that the service would continue to…