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Xbox One: Entertainment hub first, gaming console second - but can it disrupt TV?

Tech companies have been trying for years to get broadcast behemoths to change their ways and there’s been a good bit of progress. But it’s not enough. Technology is simply outpacing the traditional broadcast model. Something’s gotta give. Could the Xbox One be the catalyst for change that we’ve all been hoping for?

The Xbox One is now poised to become a huge mainstream success if Microsoft plays their cards right and even more so if they can get broadcast executives on board with their vision.

Aereo's Internet TV pricing is simpler, but not cheaper

Aereo, the controversial broadcast television Internet streaming startup, will be simplifying its pricing structure on May 15. Gone will be the company's five service tiers and in their place will remain two: an $8-per-month and $12-per-month subscription with varying amount…

YouTube claims victory in the battle with television

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt recently proclaimed YouTube victorious in the battle against traditional television – if such a battle ever even existed. During a recent presentation to advertisers, the chairman said Internet video has already displaced television watching and…

Tuesday tech deals: 55" Panasonic Smart Viera IPS HDTV $750

Paul's TV offers the Panasonic Smart Viera 55" 120Hz 1080p IPS LED-Backlit LCD HD Television, model no. TC-L55E50, for $849.99. Coupon code "SAVE100" cuts it to $749.99. With free shipping, that's tied with a deal from last week as the lowest total price we have seen for...

Generation Free: Piracy, distribution, and entertainment

I was in my 20’s when the Napster revolution came along. Even before that I remember piracy on newsgroups. During the crafting of the first Unreal I remember watching one of my peers downloading Hollywood movies in the background and then watching them on his giant, fat monitor. I remember at the time thinking "Hollywood’s going to shit when they see this."