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Amazon's new promotional tool lets anyone host online giveaways

Amazon has launched a new promotional tool that allows people to set up and host online contests. It’s called Amazon Giveaway and it’s primarily designed for those looking to build their brand, generate awareness or elevate their social media presence although…

Twitter, Google team up again to make tweets easier to search online

Twitter has entered into an agreement with Google that will see the search giant include real-time Tweets in its search results, according to a Bloomberg report. Currently, Google crawls Twitter’s website for the information, but the deal would give it access…

Turkish government threatens to block Twitter

Turkey has threatened to block access to Twitter within the country unless the social networking service blocks the account of BirGun, a daily newspaper which posted leaked documents related to a military police raid on a Turkish Intelligence Agency convoy,…

The Cornerplay: On clicktivism, social media and trolling

Social media has become an indispensable part of many people’s lives. The one trend that piqued our interest this year is social activism or “clicktivism”. I was recently asked to be a guest on a TV show to talk about social media, and thought I’d share some of the Q&A and my notes.