Twitter articles

Twitter has removed your homepage wallpaper

Is Twitter looking a little naked this morning? Well, if you used any custom wallpaper on your homepage, then you probably noticed that you are missing something because that option has now been removed for all users.

Fake Bloomberg website sends Twitter stock soaring

A fake website set up by a bunch of scammers, designed to imitate the look of legitimate news outlet Bloomberg, has led to a seven percent increase in Twitter's stock value after the fake website published an article relating to…

Twitter overhauls hamstrung Direct Message feature

Excluding Periscope, much of Twitter’s focus as of late has been on improving and tweaking existing services and features. Earlier this month, the microblogging platform addressed its flawed quote tweet function and now, Twitter has overhauled another pain point: its hamstrung direct…

Twitter further combats harassment through 'quality filter'

Twitter's CEO has admitted that the service has a problem with abuse and harassment, vowing to combat trolls "left and right" through a variety of methods. So far the company has made it a lot easier to report abusive members, while making…