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Weekend Open Forum: Imagining Google's own country

Weekend Open Forum: Imagining Google's own country

Google CEO Larry Page wants to set aside a part of the world for unregulated experimentation. Let’s help him out.  Where should this place be? What should it be called? Who would rule it? What sort of experiments should be run? What about privacy? Would you live there?

WOF: Biggest tech failures of 2012

WOF: Biggest tech failures of 2012

When we asked this question a year ago most of you agreed that AMD’s FX brand relaunch, Sony’s PSN data breach, Netflix’s Qwikster spin-off, and HP’s handling of WebOS while almost quitting the PC market were among the worst tech…
Weekend Open Forum: Did you jump on the 3D bandwagon?

Weekend Open Forum: Did you jump on the 3D bandwagon?

A couple of years ago it seemed like not a day could go by without someone announcing something 3D-related. TV manufacturers raced to one-up each other with 3D-capable television sets, some requiring no glasses but offering poor viewing angles, while…
Weekend Open Forum: Sports and technology

Weekend Open Forum: Sports and technology

I’m no different than the average Joe when it comes to things I’m passionate about. Two things high on my list of interests are technology (obviously) and sports. For years the two remained separate but over the past few years…
Weekend Open Forum: Do you exercise regularly?

Weekend Open Forum: Do you exercise regularly?

For those of us who spend many hours in front of a computer it's a good idea to get some actual exercise done every now and then. Today's question: Do you exercise regularly? Also, for those of you into sports, what sports do you actually practice, and which ones you just follow from the comfort of your couch?

Weekend Open Forum: Do you like your job?

Weekend Open Forum: Do you like your job?

It's hard enough to find a job in a slow economy, let alone one that you truly find enjoyable and fulfilling. But you have to make a living somehow. Today we want to ask you: Do you like your job? Tell us a little bit about what you do.