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Neowin: Surface 3 review

In talking with Microsoft about the Surface 3 review unit they were sending in, they stressed how this is like the Pro 3 but smaller, fanless, and more accessible for consumers with a lower price point. But hearing all of…

Toshiba Radius 11 notebook delivers convertibility on a budget

Convertible notebooks like those in Lenovo’s Yoga line are more popular than I initially gave them credit for. These notebook-turn-tablet systems offer the best of both worlds in terms of productivity and entertainment but you’ll have to pay for the convenience. …

The Cornerplay: Price is the only weapon Chromebooks have against Windows

On an absolute basis, one device is clearly better than the other; but the expectations for what a Chromebook is supposed to do is so much lower that, relatively, Acer's C720 Chromebook feels like a better device than it really is. Asus' popular T100 budget hybrid, on the other hand, gets compared to other Windows laptops (or the iPad Air) and doesn't look as good in the comparison.

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