¡¿anybody living far away from their pc - missing it, stupidly!?

By ungua
Dec 18, 2003
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  1. i moved to norway in summer, being german. this country is sooo unbelieveable fine, i am among the luckiest in the whole world, i guess... :D
    BUT: i couldn't take my machine with me, found a p33 in a barn that was used for the last time in 1995 - great fun to do such a kind of timetravelling. but after all i missed this crappy w98b-machine i have at home, to fast for this os, but configured like hell, with stupid games and working internet-connection...
    well, actually i am not sure if i am stupid or strange. but i missed this pc. having everything there were some evenings in norwegian silence that i would really like to use it. and now i am using the day to meet long-missed friends and when i'm home i use the machine. :dead: dumb?

    best regards

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