0day Cursor Exploit Patch (Trust me, you want this)

By Fiziks
Apr 3, 2007
  1. As I watch the article on TS's front page slowly descend into oblivion, I decided I should link ZERT's 0day Cursor Exploit Patch. I assume all those reformatting.. er securing/resecuring their PCs may want a quick link to this.

    find it here
    ...and a previous cursor patch here.
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    While this is of understandable concern to people, I would use this as an oppertunity to once again point out the benefits of using alternative methods for what you do.

    There are pretty specific conditions you'd have to fall under to get this. First and most obvious is using Internet Explorer as a web browser. The old argument of pages not working well in Firefox or Opera are long gone. Any decent site on the internet works in Firefox, some still don't work in Opera, but they are few and far between. Both browsers are extremely customizable and can be made to look like versions of IE if you need some comfort. Solution: Use an alternative browser, Firefox or Opera.

    The only other real way to get caught by this exploit is through email. Most people do not need the functionality of Outlook for their personal computers. IMO the only reason Outlook surives at all is because of its strong position in the buisness/corporate sector. Solution: Use Thunderbird, Eudora or Opera for mail. (probably others too). Or in Outlook by the use of a spam filter, some common sense, and not using the preview pane.
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    Also may I mention it's a good idea to disallow Outlook and IE net access in your firewall control panel..
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