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0xf7b2a640 and startup bios problem with XP PRO

By TechFundi
May 5, 2006
  1. Hi,

    I am TechFundi from toronto, canada and new to the forums. I chose this forum over several others because people seem to be really friendly and helpfull here(esp Howard Hopkinso and RealBlackStuff :wave: .

    Pentium 4 - 2.4Ghz
    80Gigs - Harddrive -Maxtor
    Asus motherboard with
    512 Ram
    -I built the system about 3 years ago and never had any problems with it until very recently.

    I am having a problem with my first part of the partitioned harddrive where OS -XP PRO was installed. THe bios on my system works fine, after changing settings in the bios I selected CD-ROM drive as a primary and then secondary as DVD-ROM and then the third as my harddrive, but when i reboot the system it wont read the harddrive or any of the Cd-rom drives.

    So, i had to take out my harddrive and connected it to my laptop through HDD COver with USB connection, i could access files on the secondary partitioned drive but not the first one as it would just freeze my laptop, so i saved data and deleted and formated both partetions of the harddrive and reinstalled XP PRO on both sides, and then tried starting up the windows on my laptop through the HDD Cover with USB connection . . but the windows wont load on my laptop. and i get a blue screen with this error:

    Check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Check you hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption and then restart your computer.
    Technical information:xxx STOP: OXOOOOOO7B (OXF7b2a640,OXCOOOOO32,OXOOOOOOOO,OXOOOOOOOO)

    After the cleanup, XP PRO is installed on both sides of my pc HDD, i plugged it back into my PC but my PC still wouldnt read/load windows. Safe mode or Networking mode, etc. wont work, only the bios works but it doesnt do much.

    Can anyone help me asap? Pleaassee!! I dont know how to go about solving this problem, I've been w/o my pc for 2 weeks now and broke on top of it. lol
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