1.8" Drive Enclosure Not installing properly

By eliriousd
Jul 9, 2006
  1. i bought an A-power 1.8" usb drive enclosure and put in my 20gb toshiba mk2004gal and plugged the wires in to the pc. i hear the sound as if something got plugged in and the pc says "found new hardware>USB TO IDE> USB Mass Storage Device." Its stays there for a few seconds and then i hear the sounds as if something was unplugged from the pc and it says "A Problem occured during installation. the device may not work properly blah blah blah." So i unplug it goto the "device manager>universal serial bus" and plug it back in. It pops up in the list and i goto properties and it says "no drivers are installed for this device." The cd that came with the drive only has windows 98 drivers because supposedly XP doenst need them. I have download many drivers from many different sites and i have made no progress. I read in another thread that it might be cause o the drive letter but when its plugged in for the few seconds that windows detects it, there is no other drive shown under disk management. If anyone can help feel free to do so. Here are the specs of my pc just incase it helps.

    Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2
    System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
    System Model: Dimension 4700
    BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A09
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz (2 CPUs)
    Memory: 1278MB RAM
    DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
    DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.2180 32bit Unicode
  2. korrupt

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    1-Click on Start
    2-Right Click on My Computer
    3-Click on Manage
    4-Click on Computer Management (local)
    5-Click on Storage
    6-Click on Disk Management
    This will bring up a block representation of your hard drives, including the new external hard drive. Right click on the Unallocated block on your external hard drive and you will see an option to create a partition on the drive. I recommend that you create a logical partition and not a primary partition on the drive. Once the partition is created, you will need to format this partition before it can be used. This is done simply by clicking format.


  3. eliriousd

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    the only place anything for the drive is showing up is in the device manager and that is only for a few seconds because the device gets disconnects itself.
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