1 Gb RAM recognized as 512 Mb -??

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Dec 19, 2005
  1. Motherboard: Gigabyte GA7VRXP, I may have updated (flashed) the BIOS once, too long ago to remember really. RAM is PC-2700 and is made by NCP.

    I had 512 mb before (PC-2700), bought two sticks of 1 gig each, inserted them, the BIOS did not correctly show the amount of RAM, it said something funny like 64 mb. In WinXP I could read I have 1.5 gb. So I thought, a faulty slot maybe? Took the 512mb out, Windows show 1 gb. Took one of the 1 gb sticks out - Windows says 512 mb. So, 1 gb sticks work as 512 mb.

    Any suggestions? I looked in BIOS setup and I don't think it says anything like 'enable more than 512mb per slot'.
  2. peterdiva

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    According to my reading of the manual,you can't have 2.5gb of memory.It looks to me that dimm 3 only works if you have 3x1gb sticks.If you've got the manual,have a look,or you can download it from the website.Put the two 1gb sticks in slots 1&2 and see if it gets recognised as 2gb.
  3. karusel

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    With 2 1gb modules it still says 64 mb RAM after boot and in Windows it's 1gb.

    In my manual it says 3gb is the maximum amount of RAM (I also checked on gigabyte webpage)... I'm confused. I'm absolutely sure my RAM is actually 1gb PC 2700 RAM so it shouldn't make any problems... it also works, because as I'm writing this, I've got 2x1gb sticks in my board....
  4. peterdiva

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    The RAM isn't the problem,it's the way the motherboard is set up.On page 16 of the manual there are two tables of various configurations,looking at the second one,you'll notice that dimm 3 is the sum of dimms 1&2,so putting memory in dimm 3 has no effect,the only time it does is with 3 1gb sticks.

    So when you had the 512mb stick in,then added the two 1gb sticks,the 3rd dimm had no effect,that's why windows saw it as 1.5gb.As you've now got both 1gb sticks in and windows only sees it as 1gb,looks like you can't have 2gb.Try the 512mb stick in dimm 3,and see what happens.But it looks like you're stuck with 1.5gb,or buying a 3rd 1gb stick.
  5. karusel

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    Wow, that was weird... I put in the 512mb stick and in Windows there was 1.5gb RAM, but when I started Opera, it crashed. So did Photoshop and C1. Took the stick out, all ok...

    Perhaps you're right.. another 1gb stick...
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