1 machine 2 networks no ics how to install VPN??

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Feb 16, 2006
  1. I have tried this before and have come to dead end
    there should be a way to wire
    1 machine with 2 nic's to 1 router (1st nic) 1 swich layer 3 to 2nd nic
    I would like a vpn behind the network that is already up
    I don't want to do ICS as that can open the other machines to WAN from main machine
    the layer 3 switch /router is already running fine with 4 pc's on it the router to WAn has 2 pc's and that works fine also
    but the pc I would like to have to share file between the 2 networks will not allow both nics enabled at same time
  2. ru_ready

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    I know very little about VPN and dual nics, however, if i am allowed to redirect you to a different place, check out toms forums.... this one is dedicated to VPN questions only


    17 pages of threads on vpn

    you may read an answer here or ask ... hope this link may help you

    (you try dual lines in one nic?)

  3. Nodsu

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    Why would it not allow two interfaces active? Is it some really exotic hardware or a very sick operating system?

    I don't know of any OS but DOS that would have problems with several network adapters..

    Could be very buggy NIC drivers too that can't handle two instances of the device of course, but that can easily be fixed by installing a different brand NIC.
  4. Samstoned

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    I setup 1 nic as internet with the wan router as gateway 192.*.*>*
    setup other nic to 3 layer switch 172.*.*
    with diff ip address the switch now is acting like a router
    when they are both enabled I can access the switch/router lan
    but not the main wan router
    disable the switch nic and enable the router side I can access the wan
    I moved everything to another machine and that one does the same thing???
  5. Nodsu

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    A routing problem perhaps?

    Do not specify a gateway for the interface that doesn't need one. E.g. leave the gateway field empty for the 172. adapter since you will be accessing the internet via the router.
  6. Samstoned

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    that did it removed gateway ip now it all works
    will be checking the other side to make sure ther is no cross linking with WAN
    thank You
    hopefully all machines on lan will be private
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