1170 Hard Drive Detects Imminent Failure, F1 to boot, F10 to Setup

By gfries_1280
Jan 27, 2006
  1. So when I startup the computer, or any restart from an install, I get this message...
    1170 Hard Drive detects immenent failure, F1 to boot, F10 to setup...
    I just hit F1, and everything has worked thus far, but no telling how many more times I can bypass this thing with no f**kup...

    Anyone have anything like this before??
    Know how to fix it.

    I have already run the scandisk util, with no success...
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    Yes, use some diagnostic tools or a generic SMART utility to find out what the drive is complaining about. Most lilely it is indeed something serious and the drive actually is about to die, but it could also be something fixable like temperature.

    If you really feel like losing all your data at any given moment, then disable the SMART functionality in BIOS setup to make it stop complaining.
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    MY guess is your box is a Compaq. They are notorious for the SMART error.
    And most likely you have either replaced your hard drive or added an extra one.

    99.99% of the time this error means absolutely nothing as far as your hd's health is concerned.

    Usually, it only means that the machine does not recognize your drive, et al, you have added a drive that is more recent that the latest comp firmware.

    You should either visit the comp manufacturer's or the drive maker's website and search for updates specific to the model you have.

    Other than being an aggravation to restart your box and walk away only to come back 10 minutes later to see that F1:Boot nag, there is rarley anything to be concerned with.

    SMART is maybe less than smart?:D

    (Noticed the disable smart reply...good idea IF your machine has the option in BIOS, most that present this error do not)
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