128 Mb Ddr

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Oct 2, 2006
  1. My family comes to me for help on there PC. And the problem i am having is this, the computer that i'm currently working on is only read 64 MB instead of the 128 it should be. THere is only one Memory chip on the motherboard and i have not found any other ways in order to change it. Can any one help.
  2. detrunks

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    How do you know is should be 128MB?
  3. outcast8123

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    Because thats what it says on the stick when you look at it phsyically
  4. peterdiva

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    How many chips are there and are they on both sides?
  5. Rick

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    The memory is not compatible with either your system or your other memory module. Just because it may be the correct type and speed, doesn't mean it will work for certain.

    You need to get a compatible module, so take it back (if you can) and get another brand. The more you pay, generally speaking, the more like it is to work with your system. Cheap memory often has lower compatability.
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    Do you have onboard video? It could be that for some crazy reason you have a computer with 64Megs of Shared video RAM and only a 128Meg module.
    Thats unlikely because normally systems that would ship with 64megs of shared ram would come with more than 128 to begin with. But if such a system were to exist it would cause the same thing we are seeing here.
  7. Tedster

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