12v@60a =24v@30a Opinions?


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I made the mistake of being lazy and bought a pre-built computer now somebody may think that the nitro is a bad computer but I don't think it is it's got some flaws and the number one fly the thing that put me on a commission was my PSU it fried on me I believe at least that's what my multimeter says now I'm going through ideas of how to replace it I don't have the most money and I'm thinking to myself that maybe I can just buy a 24 volt power supply and using that is kind of a 12 volt power supply but my idea is that the 24 volts will pretty much turn into 12 volts because I don't have enough amperage I've done this to countless machines in the past, but never a pc.
35 years of experience has showed me that there's always someone who's better than me, no matter how much that idea..🤮
Help me brainstorm please. Truth is; later I think I'll be listening to #Whitesnake.
Here I go again on my own......
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