1394 net adapter problem

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Sep 14, 2005
  1. I have got an acer laptop with wireless connection. I have an Edimax wireless router to enable internet connection. I haven't had any problems with the connection until now. Although the wireless LAN card says it is receiving and transmitting I am unable to surf the net although I can use p2p software no problem. On the 1394 net adapter it says connected although it is not sending or receiving any information. I belive that my settings are correct as i have an IP address of, subnet mask, default gateway, DHCP and DNS

    Any ideas as to whats suddenly affected my laptop ?


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  2. jobeard

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    what did you change? you suggest it WAS working and is now failing.
    did you update MS security recently (eg SP2)?
  3. poertner_1274

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    Your DNS should be one provided by your ISP. Not your router IP address. That could explain why p2p works, but not webpages. Either contact your ISP and enter a number they give you, or have it obtain them automatically.

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  4. jobeard

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    most routers will 'port forward' everything coming from the downstream connections. Port forwaring #53 is an obvious necessity, as routers don't have internal DNS capability. Or maybe I'm just lucky with my Netgear.
  5. stokestud

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    I haven't updated the SP2, well not as far as I am aware, unless it has done it without me knowing, I have now changed the DNS to the one supplied by my IP. I saw another thread talking about possible Firewall issues but no Firewall settings have been changed from when it was working before.

    I am now connected using a normal modem and have to disconnect to see whether any chnages have been made to the problem.

    I will get back with any updates to my problem, thanks all
  6. bamanx

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    hello! i'm bamanx. here i want to post my problems. i have a laptop and one day, as i download something from the internet, then i installed it, then suddenly my internet connection is lost! then, i opened the network connections and all of my network adapters(1394 connection and local area connection including wireless network connection) were vanished! then, suddenly many threats and risks were found in my computer and i dont know how to remove them! and until now, i cant open my internet and each time i turn on my computer, it say that TCP/IP is not found! so, who read this post and know how to solve my problems, please reply to me! please!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. jobeard

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    use your Device Manager to find the Network Adapters. You should see the
    type of devices and NO yellow or red marks on the icons which would indicate
    bad settings or missing drivers.

    use this set of instructions to debug the intruder
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