15 BSODs in a single day

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Mar 4, 2007
  1. Yup every 30 minutes or so, I've been getting a BSOD upon which I must reboot. The last hardware I added was RAM about a month ago so dunno what is causing these BSODs.

    I am attaching a couple of event logs. To minimize clutter and increase readability of this post , I am attaching a text file with the error messages. Also attaching the last 3 memory dumps.

    Would really appreciate any help

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  2. Tmagic650

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    Hi manu595,
    minidumps point to NTKRNLMP.exe... This denotes an unstable system, surprize!

    Did you recently install Windows Defender? If you did, uninstall it and see if your system stablizes. Have you installed any programs or updated any drivers recently?
  3. Jakovasaur

    Jakovasaur TS Rookie

    Drivers can be one cause bad RAM another if your sure theres no driver corruption or conflicts try memtest 86+ to see if your RAM is the source of your problem or not.
  4. manu595

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    Tmagic650 yes Windows Defender seems to be the cfulprit. trying to uninstall but it throws error. should I delete it manually and clean the registry? also how does one see what's inside those freakin memdumps?

    Jakovasaur memtest says RAM is fine, so it is software problem, drivers or otherwise.

    any other suggestions?
    much appreciate.
  5. Tmagic650

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    I had a problem with Windows Defender and Norton, that required a fresh install of XP. Norton is gone, and Windows Defender is part of Windows Live One Care. Windows Live One Care is part of Vista's protection scheme.

    Minidumps are read by using Debugging Tools for Windows. The instructions for reading minidumps are posted in several places on this site. Just do a search... Reading minidumps provides only a small clue as to what the problem might be. As with anything, "practice makes perfect". Memory is always the first thing to suspect, then other hardware/drivers/software come into play. I am an experienced technician, but I have only just learned to read and interpret them.
  6. Jakovasaur

    Jakovasaur TS Rookie

    Glad to hear its not hardware.
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