16 Color. Waste of a laptop

By Vernon L. Gratt
Apr 7, 2006
  1. I have an IBM R51 1829 THINKPAD LAPTOP. I recently uninstalled windows xp,because it was giving me alot of problems. I reinstalled windows 2000. Now I have only 16 colors and standard VGA. I downloaded drivers from IBM,but they won't work. I do not have a copy of windows xp. That is why I installed windows 2000. HELP ME!
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    The best solution to the "won't work" problem is "make it work". :rolleyes:

    "Won't work" means what?

    BTW, if you download and run the .exe you get from IBM/Lenovo, it only extracts the installation files. You then have to go to the relevant folder and run the actual setup manually, unless you use the IBM/Lenovo official Software Installer utility (I really recommend that you do).
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