1600 x 1200 @95Hz?

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Aug 20, 2004
  1. So here's the problem. I'm a huge stickler for high refresh rates. I can handle 85hz but i'd really prefer 100hz most of the time. Because of this, i usually don't play games in higher resolutions even though my system can handle it from a performance standpoint.

    I recently bought a Compaq P1100 CRT monitor from Merkortech and one of the reasons i decided on this monitor is because in all of the documentation i read said that it could do 1600 x 1200 at 95hz. When i tried to force it to use that refresh rate at that resolution i got the out of scan range message. I've heard that this is because my radeon 9800 pro doesn't support strange refresh rates like 95hz.

    If it is the video card is there some patch or tweak that will let me run games at 1600 x 1200 at 95hz or do i have to find a new video card that supports it. Do any cards support it or is there something else going on here that i'm not getting?
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    I think you'll find that you're just a little bit out of date with your driver version. That is if you are still on the catalyst 3.7. 4.8 is the latest at the present and I think you'll find (like i have) that the 9800pro has some minor performance increases in some games. CHECK the release notes. I dunno if it will help the refresh rate though.

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    Forgot to update my profile. I'm actually using the 4.9 beta.

    Powerstrip seems to work but it also asks you to set the vertical refresh rate as well as the horizontal. If i set my horizontal to 95hz what should the vertical be set at?
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    The vertical is 95Hz, the horizontal should be 95*1200=114000Hz=114kHz
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