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By smithc555
Sep 16, 2007
  1. I have been running a system with a Maxtor 120GB Ultra ATA hard drive for about 2 years now. Its getting to be full so I bought another hard drive(Seagate 320GB Ultra ATA). I plugged it in and set my Maxtor as the master and the Seagate as the slave. However, when I try to start windows. It goes past the screen that says Asus motherboard and so on then before it gets to the Windows XP loading screen the screen just goes black and hangs there. I can go into bios and it shows that it recognizes both hard drives. Everything works fine if I have one hard drive in, but when i try to run both it doesnt work.
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    Sounds like you are doing everything right. Try this temporarly: Hook up the Seagate as Master on the channel your cd/dvd drive(s) is on. You'll obviously not have 1 optical drive hooked up for this, but its just temporary.

    See if you can boot up that way. If so go into administrative tools control panel, computer management, disk management, and get your partitions set up and the disk formatted. Then power down, switch it back to slave and put it back inline with your Maxtor.
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    i'll give that a shot
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