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By Lt_Trauma
Mar 5, 2005
  1. First off hello all. Im new to the boards here but hope to get and also supply some help if I possibly can.

    My problem is this. I have 2 internet connections that run into our lil' home. Both are dsl except for one is on the 1.5 meg teir and the other is on the 3 meg teir. Now my 3 meg of course has great download speed. However im also a gamer and my ping on the 1.5 meg line is better. Im guessing because its a newer line. Im gonna go off topic for a second so you will understand why I dont just have the 1.5 meg line upgraded to 3 megs. Verizon cant seem to do it. They cant explain why, just that they are not able to because their "software says no". Ok so I figured that I could just hook them both up to my motherboard. I have an asus with dual lan. 1 is a 3 com port and the other is nvidia. I should be able to configure them seperately and disable/enable them in my network configuration. Right? I cant seem to get it to happen. Not sure why, but I just cant get it to happen. Any clues as to what may be wrong here? I appreciate any help and would like to give thanx in advance.

  2. Nodsu

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    And "can't get it to happen" means what? There is no way we can tell you what's wrong if we have zero information. What did you do exactly?

    How are you connected to the DSL? You have one modem and you create different connections for the different DSL accounts or you have two modems sitting on two phone lines? Do you have any routers there?
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