2 rear speakers on inspire 5.1 wont play

By Durgess
May 29, 2004
  1. after getting a SB audigy plat i decided to pick up some 5.1 speakers today, the inspire 5.1 5200. after much tweaking i cant get the rear 2 speakers to work at all. ive tested them out in the surround mixer and they just wont play. i've checked the wiring and everything seems to be in order. am i doing something wrong, or are these speakers defective?
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

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    What happens when you connect those speakers to the front, do they play then?
  3. Durgess

    Durgess TS Rookie Topic Starter

    they play. so the speakers work ok. thats a relief. still cant get the back 2 to play, however.
  4. acidosmosis

    acidosmosis TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,350

    What motherboard are you using?

    I just bought some Logitech Z640 5.1 speakers and had to download NVSWAP, which switches your Mic In, Line In, Spkr Out, etc. to be used as a Front L/R, Rear L/R, etc.

    Then I had to download the updated Nforce2 drivers which included a utility called NVMixer which lets you tweak your speaker's settings, EQ, etc.

    After that everything worked fine. (I had the same problem beforehand).
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