2 virtual drives from daemon that i cant ged rid of

By Killahoe ยท 5 replies
Oct 26, 2006
  1. I currently was messing around with daemon tools trying to learn to use it. And it made 2 virtual drives on my computer i know how to get rid of them usually by clicking the number of virtual drives and setting it to zero. But i did this and it is still showing 2 virtual drives in my control panel. Its not hurting my computer in any way its just one of those petpeve things thats driving me insane. If someone knows how to kill those things that would be quite dandy thankyou!
  2. misskazzy

    misskazzy TS Rookie

    You'll want to "unmount all drives" if you havent done that yet.
  3. Killahoe

    Killahoe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    have unmounted all drives, have set it to 0 and going to try and uninstall and reinstall and see if that does anythign wish me luck and keep me posted if anything comes up about this issue somewhere else thanks
  4. Killahoe

    Killahoe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    lol sweet, its not even in my add/remove programs list :p wish there was just an EASY button. This is hindering any parts of gaming that involves cd's/dvd's because my computer is getting confused as hell on what to do with these extra digitally emulated drives
  5. Killahoe

    Killahoe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    figured out how to get rid of them, now my regular drive is just acting dumb... i went into computer managment went into disk managment clicked on each drive 1 at at time and removed the drive letter which disabled the drive, then right clicked and went into properties and disabled the drive which removed it from my computer.
  6. Killahoe

    Killahoe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Just restarted my computer after getting rid of each drive and came back into windows to find a lovely message for me from my computer saying

    Error message:

    Enumerate Device Win32_CDROMDrive Fail !!

    anyone know what the heck that is?
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