2005 for Xbox Doom 3 release?

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Aug 16, 2004
  1. Looks like a release date for Doom 3 on the Xbox platform is still "up in the air" according to an article at gamesindustry.biz.

    Gameplay and technical issues are likely to cause problems for a 2004 release that are looking unlikely to be solved in time. Doom 3 has been extensively tuned for the PC platform - well, certainly for a PC that's the recommended spec. And this spec is something that the Xbox falls short of, itself being a 733Mhz Pentium processor, a GeForce 3 chip and 64Mb of shared RAM - which is far below what's required of a PC to run Doom 3 acceptably.
  2. Big difference between a game being made for console requirements and a game being made for a PC with a wide range of variables.

    The console's equipment is more than enough to run the game adequately, simply because the game can be designed for that hardware and optimized to use it to the full extent. Meaning it takes alot less hardware to accomplish this.

    Simply put, the game will run just fine on the XBox. Don't confuse the specs with those needed to run the game on a PC. It's a night and day difference.
  3. ---agissi---

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    Ya with the resolutions, and how blurry a TV is, your right Mr.Unregistered, but with 64MBs of RAM Im not sure...
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    of course they'll have to tone down the graphics a bit, but i totally agree with 'unregistered' on this one. the xbox hardware is purely for running games, and the cut down version of windows doesnt have to do half as much as on a pc. yes, 64mb of ram does seem like peanuts to us, but its still quite a bit for a console.
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    I gotta think they will get this game out before christmas.

    Pretty please santa.
  6. $oulo

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    Yea Unregistered is right, but even id said that they are gonna have to tone it down for the XBOX, it's not gonna have anywhere near all the bells and whistles the PC has. But then again not many of us played it on Ultra High settings anyway ;)
  7. this is what gaming is all about the software out profroms the hardware it time for a new xbox its time to upgrade
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    Well the Xbox version will have co-op play over the XboX live. It's a shame, co-op wasn't developped for the PC game, it would've added a little replay value.
  9. doom 3

    doom 3 9/15/05 release date end od desscusin and btw halo 3 1/19/06
    x_box350 aka x_box2 12/26/05
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    ***off topic*** dragon quest 8 aka dragon warrior 8 TBA 2006 US
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