200w psu in barebone kit

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Dec 14, 2003
  1. I am thinking of buying a Jetway Barebone kit and sticking in a Athlon XP 2800+, 2*512mb ddr400, 80Gb Maxtor Ata drive, Soundblaster Audigy 2 platinum with front Panel, and a decent GFX card, at the moment im using an ATI 9100 but i want to put a 9600 or 9800 in it.

    im going to buy an external CDR/CDRW/DVD USB drive to plug into it.

    only problem is it comes with a 200W power supply, and the actual PSU is very very small, custom made to fit the case, so getting a replacement will be difficult.

    my question is : can i run my planned spec with the 200w powersupply, is it totally impossible or is there a chance it will be enough...

  2. vassil3427

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    Dont bet on it being stable at all...you'll pop that baby really quickly.....
  3. SNGX1275

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    There is a chance. I have a 300W PSU that powers 2 case fans, 1Ghz Athlon, GF2MX, DVD, CDRW, NIC, SB Live, 56k Modem, 1 80 Gig Maxtor 7200, 1 60Gig IBM 7200, 1 30Gig IBM 7200, and 1 2Gig Seagate. Now I bet if I were to create a thread asking if there is any way my a 300W PSU can power that you guys would laugh at me and tell me to get a 450W Antec or something - espically with 4 hard drives.
    200W is small, but you may be able to add that USB drive to it.

    Edit: It has been pointed out to me that I misread the original question, I was under the assumption that the system was already being ran, and there was just going to be that drive added. I was thinking if it was running fine now you could probably get away with just a bit more.
  4. Rick

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    Manufacturers such as Compaq are still using 175w or less PSUs in their systems, despite having high end components. I imagine they can get away with this because of the integrated parts, such as video. High-end graphics cards use a whole lot of power, which is factored out of this equation.

    Also, in many barebones systems, adding additional drives is an impossibility because of the size of the case.

    Just something else to think about.
  5. yukka

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    well, i decided against it. i wanted to have an ultra powerful portable pc, to take over as my main. but its not gonna happen.

    instead im going to get a decent small mini tower, a barton 3000+, 1Gb of DDR400, and a Jetway N2PAP Ultra 400 Mobo :grinthumb
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