2016 Flagship GPU vs 2022 Budget GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 vs. Radeon RX 6600


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Just curious, why didn't you get sharper 4K at that size, and you can use Windows DPI scaling to get bigger text & UI. Your eyes don't seem to be that bad if you can notice the difference :)
I've tried and they all are such wide screen and not tall enough. I have grown to love curved. If you have a recommendation, man, I'm all eyes!
What's this point of benchmarking old graphics card with newest games? I am not a noob user who chase all the latest and buy new hardware every year. All these benchmarks think users are lunatics, and you probably enjoyed forced automatic updates and license subscription.

Of course new software is supposed to work better with new hardware, so does games! You don't even need to give me the charts. Everyone can simply guess that.

But, what about old games? Especially those classics and those really good ones. I doubt they work better on your new graphics card since there will be more technical details to factor in and their unit performance matters.


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Couldn't agree more... I've been praising this GPU since it launched.I was lucky enough to pick up an EVGA 1080Ti SC2 card late in 2017 for around $700, which was MSRP more or less. A couple months later it went up to $1300-$1500 and stayed there for a very long time, as this was the start of the pricing crisis that we only now have started to see relief from.

I can say this for sure. I've bough many of Nvidia's flagship cards, starting from G80 all the way to Pascal. The 2000 RTX series is the first generation from team green that I skipped in quite a while, but I didn't think it was worth jumping to from a good 1080Ti. I mean the 1080Ti matches the 2080 blow for blow in nearly all circumstances. Now with that said, I've honestly felt like this 1080Ti card has given me more than my money's worth and is pehaps the greatest investment I've ever made in terms of PC gaming. I have many cases where I paid a lot of money for two flagship cards in an SLI config. While I usually bench-marked wonderfully with SLI enabled, real-world performance never really seemed to justify the cost of this config, except in some rare cases. When I bought the single EVGA 1080Ti SC2, I had decided to do this INSTEAD of 1080FE's in two-way SLI, and believe me I'm SO glad I steered clear of SLI (one could argue SLI died completely after the Geforce 10) From then on, I realized having the most powerful single-GPU was the best thing you could do. This was before SLI was completely dead, although you could argue it was on life-support.

Anyway, the 1080Ti was so far ahead of it's time. I'm still rocking one today and it's amazing how I can still play nearly any game at 4K on a 60 Hz display with Freesync.


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What's this point of benchmarking old graphics card with newest games? I am not a noob user who chase all the latest and buy new hardware every year. All these benchmarks think users are lunatics, and you probably enjoyed forced automatic updates and license subscription.
Well, it's part academic, part curiosity, and It can be a fun way to see how our prior investment stacks up to newer cards. Some of us are still actually running the older card in question and might consider or currently playing one or more of the games listed, and performance data is nice to have. Such tests also provide users with older cards a benchmark to what card they'd need to upgrade to achieve at minimum the same performance.

Considering the current Steam hardware survey (07/2022) shows four GPUs from that generation in the top 10 by percentage share, I'd say Pascal is still fairly relevant, even today.


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I'd say Pascal is still fairly relevant, even today.
Indeed. And I bet that large audience not infrequently buys games that are newer than their GPUs. Which brings up another good reason for this reporting: to demonstrate how good a job the GPU companies are or aren't doing in continuing driver optimizations for those still very-much-in-use older cards. If every review for the latest & greatest also shined a bright light on that company's track record for continued support, buyers would be better informed and more importantly companies would be more motivated to ensure they don't look any worse than they have to on the next update to this kind of article.


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Rx 6600 is over 450 euro where I live so it's not even worth considering since 6700 is "only" 700 euro.

Mr Majestyk

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Quite sad how much the 6600X performance falls off a cliff at 1440p. Those gimped buses take there toll.

Interestingly RDNA 3 see bus width increases 384 bit for 7900XT, 320 bit for 7800XT, 256 bit for 7700XT and hopefully 7600XT, while Nvidia is gimping the 4070 with 192 bit bus and 4060 with 160 bit bus if rumours are true.
I made an account for this. Why was the 1080ti not used for the comparison? It truly is a unicorn of a card and if you aren't utilizing ray tracing it would be more competitive at 1440p. I run a 3090 on my new desktop, but my 1080ti is still strong after all these years on my back up desktop. 1080ti runs 20%-30% faster than 1080 in virtually every benchmark thrown at it. Higher memory clock. GDDR5 vs. GDDR5X. 3 more GB of RAM is nothing to scoff at. It would be much closer in performance to the Radeon 6600 or 6600XT. It also still goes toe to toe with the GeForce 2080. That's not to say, however, I don't appreciate ray tracing on full blast where applicable. I know it's not being utilized to its fullest yet, but games like Cyberpunk and Resident Evil Village at max ray tracing with DLSS look and perform amazingly with the 3090. I've owned many cards since the 3DFX Voodoo 5's discreet offering, and nothing has completed for longer than the GTX 1080ti. Like I said, it would definitely perform considerably better than the 1080 vs. these AMD budget options.


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Although I upgraded from a 1080 Ti to a 6800 XT on my current 5800X rig, the 1080 Ti currently still is no slouch when it comes to running modern day titles.