21 Programs to Analyze and Benchmark Your Hardware

Ben Myers

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Nice summary. Missing here are more complete diagnostic tools to read out hard drive and SSD SMART data, important to determine the health of a drive. The two programs I use are CrystalDiskInfo and ClearDiskInfo, both of which report SMART data for both SATA and NVMe drives. Make sure you use the current versions of each, and they'll report identical results. They report the same SMART information, but ClearDiskinfo is a bit more intuitive in its reporting. Speccy does not report SMART for NVMe drives. Neither do most Linux distros, although the developers of the Linux smartmontools claim that their latest version does. Now to get the distros to incorporate up-to-date smartmontools, a challenge because the keepers of Linux distros do not understand how important comprehensive SMART data is. Gee, just like Microsoft..