256 vs. 128mb vid cards

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Jul 13, 2005
  1. Hey,

    I have been looking at video cards and have noticed that certain cards will have 256mb and other 128mb. However, they dont have any differences in clock speeds. My question is, would it effect the gameplay in a game like bf2 if i were to opt for the 128mb instead of the more expensive 256?
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    That was a good article tedster. It is always important to consider what your going to do with the card. I am not sure how much BF2 takes up, but to be on the safe side isd always go with 256. I know that Doom 3 on the absolute higest settings actually takes more then 256!

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    you also have to take the Bit of the card into consideration..some have 64bit some 128bit and some 256bit..
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    the newest 512mb AGP cards were designed with Doom3 in mind.

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    i was reading a review on the 512 ATI card, there is really no difference in fps and image quality, if your playing at really high resolutions go for the 256, if you dont need the higest settings, go with the cheaper 128 card, it really depends on wat you need it for, i got a 9800 pro 128 and im playing bf2 fine.
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    thanks allot guys the info was allot of help
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