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By kimbo.ati
Aug 14, 2005
  1. Hi i have a amd athlon 2800+ and i havnt been able to run it on stock settings FSB:166 becuase it was resetting,exiting,critical errors during games or other stressing applications.
    I put it back to the stock settings (From FSB:160) and i also increased the Vcore to 1.7 (stock 1.66) i know that the max is 1.85. atemping to make it stable.
    I want to know if this will damage my cpu at all since it is still on stock settings?
    So far everything has been running fine but my cpu temp are about 3degrees higher than usual (turns up cpu fan RPM) Idle:45 - Load 52 Degrees

    PS: Just wanted to know as i have no money to replace parts :p
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