283 MB bogus file on USB Drive

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I got a new graphic card so wanted to try out the benchmark software 3d Mark. Went on the site and found out it was 283 MB which, is impossible to download on a dial-up connection. So I went to an internet cafe, paid for 2 hours and downloaded the file. Then copied it on my Sony 512 USB Drive (Sony Micro Vault) and came back home.
But I was devastated to find out that I hadn’t copied it properly on my drive -I didn’t use the SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE thingy as the cafe I go at has it disabled using a software. So I went back but found out that the same software at the cafe also deletes all the files downloaded when someone logs off.
Now I have a 283 MB file that doesn’t work. Is there anyway that I can make the file work - I don’t want to download it again as I just sat at the cafe for 2 hours doing nothing so that I wouldn’t affect the speed at which it was downloading at. Please help me by suggesting how to make the file work. Please HELP !!!


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I there was some data still to be copied to the memory stick when you removed it, then there's nothing you can do to recover the file - you can't create the data that doesn't exist.


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hard luck..nothing you can do...
but i would suggest getting broadband since it is now come down to very cheap plans, and all the times you go to net cafe and pay to dl might add up to a months brodband charge anyway...
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