2nd Hard Drive Error

By masterely
Feb 4, 2007
  1. I got this Seagate 20GB HD(NTFS Format, still has winXP in it and other files) from a friend and I wanted it to be installed as Primary Slave. My computer has a Maxtor 40GB HD FAT32 Format as Primary Master, Creative DVD-ROM Reader as Secondary Master and an Imation CD-RW Drive as my Secondary Slave. So I followed the instructions for setting the new hard drive as slave. When I boot my PC, it suddenly takes time scanning my RAM which is unusual, it reads the new HD as Primary Slave, but then suddenly I got this Error saying that there is a "Resource Conflict - PCI in Slot 2 Bus: 00, Device: 0E, Function: 00". I freaked since thi never happened to me before when I installed temporary 2nd HDs in the past. So I removed the new HD and reboot my PC. Now my DVD-ROM Drive and CD-RW Drive doesn't appear in the Diagnostic Screen and it still displays the same Resource Conflict Error. Can someone tell me what went wrong?
  2. Tedster

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    you cannot install 2 hard drives with both having a bootable OS on it on the same system.
  3. MISHA8725

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    You would need to adjust the jumper settings on the new hard drive itself so that the computer can identify it was primary slave. This way the computer will know which hard drive to boot the OS from; and the other one is obviously going to be recognized as a secondary.
  4. Rick

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    Yes, you can. And problems that are associated with having two OSes on seperate drives do not include IRQ issues. So your problem is definitely not this.

    How about you take out whatever it is in the 2nd PCI slot and move it to a different one?

    Simplified, many devices in your computer require IRQs be assigned to them. IRQs allow software to communicate with the hardware in your computer.

    Your primary IDE controller should use IRQ 14 by default. Your secondary IDE controller should be 15. Having multiple devices on the same IRQ can create some interesting problems.

    Some possible solutions:

    • Moving your PCI devices around may be the best way to fix your issue. Take a look especially at that 2nd PCI device, since that is what the error message refers too. Soundcards and drive controllers - in particular - do not get along.
    • Enabling ACPI or disabling ACPI in the BIOS setup may also be a way to get around your IRQ problem, although it can have some adverse effects on Windows 2000/XP computers.
    • Enabling or disabling PnP OS in your BIOS and resetting your "ECSD Configuration Data" may also help
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