2nd Hard Drive Vanished!!

By beer4brains
Jul 8, 2005
  1. Hi all,
    I wonder if anyone can help/advise me with this hard disk problem.
    My os is winXp pro and my current [c:] drive is an 80Gb maxtor which is working fine.
    The problem is with my 120Gb seagate 2nd disk drive which I sometimes disconnect from this system and reconnect with another, which I think might be the cause of the problem, because after 2 problem free years of doing this, both computers now tell me that the disk is not formatted!!. I downloaded the seagate diagnostic prog and it told me that, phisically the drive was working fine but it gave me this report:-

    SeaTools Desktop v3.02.03
    Copyright (c) 2005 Kroll Ontrack Inc.

    7/8/2005 @ 6:18 PM

    Drive Information:
    --------- ---------------------
    120 GB ST3120022A

    Serial Number = 5JT0YD66
    Int13 Num = 81, PHYS CHS = 16383x16x63.
    ParmTable CHS, Rsvd = 14593x255x63

    ---------- ------------ ----
    # Type Start End MB
    1 FAT32 0 14592 120039

    Diagnostic Results:

    File Structure Test Result:

    Partition 1 (FAT 32 (120 GB) No Name) Result: Invalid BPB

    The invalid BPB result could be the problem, so I downloaded the free trial version of restorer2000 from their website and after scanning a small part of the problem drive, I could see the lost file names (about 60Gb of comedy tv and movies and about 60Gb of feature movies, so that was a relief!)
    My question is, is there a program that will repair the File structure at the begining of the drive so its contents can be easily read by windows again?

  2. sundewzer

    sundewzer TS Rookie

    BartPE or WinPE might work.
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