2nd mobo, same booting problem...help!!

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Sep 22, 2006
  1. I recently tried to boot a system with a Asus crosshair motherboard,650 watt power supply, AMD Fx62 AM2 processor. On startup it didt boot...I was told the bios was defective by asus, sent it back to newegg and got a Asus M2n-SLI Deluxe AM2 mobo.
    The same problem is occuring. ON boot, I get 1long beep followed by 3 short ones and nothing else. What could be wrong. AM I doing something or could it be the processor all along(despite the fact that newegg said they tested it and it was defective).
  2. derrekeva

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    in addition

    Just to cover myself I tried 2 different power supplies.
  3. danimur

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    Search for the code of these sounds.
    Then you will have the answer to your problem.
  4. derrekeva

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    thanks danimur

    I actually looked at these briefly but didnt focus on them...the 1long beep---3short beeps indicated a problem with the video adaptor(ATI x1900xt). THis was after i found our i had the award bios and looked up the beeps code.
    I cheked the video hookup and everything was fine. I then noticed a slight warping of the board which i suppose could account for damage to the micro components. I am going to get a board from bestbuy and try it.
    I am far from being an expert and like to build about 3 a year. It is a challenge to me. This is the first time and the lonnnggesst problem of this nature ive ever had. Thats when i consult people here...thanks
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    on the next board you try, make sure that the standoffs under the motherboard are all the same size or height. Install all the screws and tighten them starting with one screw and then the next screw on the opposite side, and so on until all screws are snug, but not too tight
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