2w Audio Devices At One Time

By daniel161
Feb 19, 2007
  1. Hi everyone! This is getting complicated for me!

    The Goal- To Have a WMP visulation work through a line-in input.

    Heres what I have, 98se 64mb ram (I Know) and WMP 9. I have tried a plug in but it did not work, now I am trying to "stream" the audio to itself. I have broad Wave downloaded and installed and it somewhat works. BroadWave, for those of you that don't know what it is, it is a media streaming server from your line-in input. However, WMP says the device is in use. (Everything is on the same computer). BUT I do remember that their is a piece of software that lets more then one audio device be used at a time with out errors.

    If anyone has heard of that program, a link would be very helpful! If you know of another way to get this done, I will try almost anything! (Re-installing Windows and formatting the C drive is NOT an option!)

    Any other programs play WMP visulations?

    WHY? Well I have a special visulation that does something very special that I need to get working. Thanks!

    --Daniel L
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