3 long beeps with my Elitegroup ECS Green 320 laptop

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Oct 6, 2007
  1. Hi :wave:

    I was working with my laptop (power cord connected and battery fully charged) when the screen just got dark, I thought it was the autoshutdown of the screen, but it did not respond even when moving the touchpad or pressing the keyboard

    I force shutdown it by pressing the power button and press the power button again, it booted, but then froze again and did the black screen again, I noticed the harddrive was not lighting

    I tried removing and putting back the hard drive and it did not work and started to give 3 long beeps, I tried removing the battery and RAM card from their slots then put them back and put on my unit, still the three long beeps

    what could have happened? I'm not a computer engineer, could I remedy the problem myself through your step by step guide?

    the specs of my computer:

    Elitegroup ECS G320 Laptop

    VIA CLE 226 / COMBO DVD/CD RW, 14.11" XGA TFT (1028 X 768) 32 MB SMA, SHARED UP TO 64 MB / AC 97'

    VIA C3 Nehemiah up to 1.2GHZ CPU, 64KB L2 cache on die, CPU front-side bus up to 133MHz
    376 pin EBGA
    Core Logic
    North bridge VIA VT8623, South bridge VT8235
    4X AGP bus interface
    Supports host bus at 66 MHz
    AGP v2.0 compliant
    3.3V PCI version 2.2 compliance
    ACPI v1.0
    USB 2.0 compatible
    PS/2 keyboard/mouse support

    System BIOS: AMI BIOS

    please help, :blackeye: many thanks in advance!:cool:

  2. Tmagic650

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    I'm afraid it is time to take the laptop in for service... Or you can save up for a new laptop. There's nothing more you can do yourself
  3. pdyckman@comcas

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    I Googled and Googled this situation. I went to the 'ECS Elitegroup' webpage and could not get the definition of 3 long beeps related to your laptop. All I can add is that when I have encountered beeps on boot up (or attempted boot) it has been ram related. If you could lay your hands on some compatible ram modules, you can run a "known good module" and discover if that may be the problem. This is only one of many items that you can check to root out the problem. The market for laptops is good right now. You can pick up a complete and competitive one for $600/.$700. Good Luck.
  4. cygnus-x2

    cygnus-x2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Tmagic650 and pdyckman@comcas for the replies , I did reseat the RAM module and went to a computer shop for a new one, when I asked a technician from the computer shop to seat a new module himself the 3 long beeps still occurs, I guess I really should consider having it serviced, or worse buy a new one.

    God Bless you both for your advise!
  5. Tedster

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    Read the BIOS beeps guide in the guides forum on the second page.
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