300GB HDD and windows sees 125

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Feb 3, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Im building my own system and ran into a problem.

    I am using the Asus motherboard PS5W DH Deluxe.
    I am running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2
    I have GIG of RAM
    ATI Radeon Graphics 256DDR
    Intel CORE 2 Duo processor 2.13GHZ

    The machine has absolutly no trouble booting up or errors that come up. The only problem I have is that I purchased a 300 GB Maxtor Hard DRive and windows only shows 125 needles to say thats BS cause i Paid for 300. Its and IDE HDD. Please help
  2. tipstir

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    300GB Maxtor should be around 289GB... You could get more with some low level format disk that suppose to get you near 300GB. Did you run the MaxBlaster CD that comes with the HDD. That will format it quick and release the extra GBs
  3. NewPCTech

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    I dont expect to get 300GB of storage I know that is never accurate but I know it should be close to it. I did run the maxtor cd but to tell you the truth i ran it once when I put server 2003 enterprise I then formatted the HDD to put Windows XP PRO on it. You think I should run that disk again? Will that format my hard drive so that I have to reinstall everything again? I dont really mind doing it its just time consuming.

  4. tipstir

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    Run the MaxBlaster to format or you can use Windows XP Pro SP2 under run: compmgmt.msc storage manager. I have that drive you're talking about I get only 289GB I also have 320GB Maxtor I get 298GB.
  5. Rick

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    You have a new setup, but this sounds like the classic '128GB limitation'.

    The first thing I would check are your jumpers. This is also the only thing I can think of, short of a software limitation (Formatted the drive in an older system or you're running XP SP1 or older). Many large capacity drives have different jumper settings which include capacity limits, such as 32GB and 128GB. Make sure you didn't accidentally cap your drive. There should be only ONE jumper set on your hard drive.
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