3d glasses - do they work?

By vega
May 14, 2004
  1. Whilst downloading the nvidia chipset driver for my asus A7n8x-x mobo from the nvidia website, I noticed a banner indicating that the X-Force 3d games glasses were on sale at greatly reduced prices - around £79 - I've not come across these before and out of curiosity decided to check them out.
    It turns out that these glasses do not consist of a pair of monitors mounted in the goggles as in the late lamented 'virtuality systems of the 90's but use 'shuttering lcds' in conjunction with a standard monitor - I have to admit to mourning the decline of virtuality technology as the premise of this is a TOTALLY immersive gaming experience which I feel would revolutionise 3d gaming but slow cpu's, high prices and eye complaints killed this off prematurely.
    I still live in hope that someone takes up the reins, given todays fast cpu's and gfx cards as there's so much potential in this field but in the meantime, Has anyone out there used these nvidia glasses? The reviews on nvidias website are quite gushing but I'd like a more 'impartial' point of view.
  2. Didou

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    I have the Elsa Revelator 3D glasses & never got them to work. There are so many conditions that you need to fufill in order to get them to work, it's a pain in the wazoo. You need to use them in a resolution which allows 100hz or higher refresh rates & the fact that I'm using a DualView setup onl made things more complicated.

    Not to mention at first, these glasses would only work with Elsa VGA cards at first, since nVidia did not release generic stereoscopic drivers at the time.

    Just like you I've read that the effect is supposed to be really bluffing but I never got to see it myself.[​IMG]

    I think there was another series of 3D glasses called IceCream. You could probably find them for pretty cheap somewhere ( a 2nd hand store perhaps ? ) so you can try them out & not have to spend too much on something you might not like.

    PS. I still have those Elsa revelator glasses. Anyone interested ? ;)
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