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3D LABS Video Card

By akshay
Aug 30, 2003
  1. I use my computer for 3D modeling and rendering...use 3DS MAX for rendering.
    Has anybody tried the 3D Labs graphics card? Their entry level card is VP 560, with 64 mb RAM. It's 140 at newegg. I am thinking about it, but would really appreaciate your views. Of all the research that I have done on the web, seems like they set the standard in terms of high end renderings.
  2. Dantrag

    Dantrag TS Enthusiast Posts: 135

    the wilcat 6 is good ;) if you've got the money:D thats a great card but the vp series... hant got a clue
  3. doc69

    doc69 TS Rookie

    thinking about that card too!!!
    NVIDIA Quadro 380 XGL seems a little bit the same but about 30 % more expensive.. 220€ = the same as dollars.
    Quadro4 200nvs is older ,should be a year ago or more (very good review in DIGIT mag)and I think less expensive but I find it only in readymade workstations.... let me know if you find something!!!
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