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Jul 26, 2002
  1. Ok, I am looking for some help here....video cards and me are not getting along today.

    I have a 3dfx 2000 agp card with 16mb ram on it. I am putting it in as a hopeful improvement over my onboard sis630. I am looking for drivers so I can run 2d and 3d (q3 and diablo II anyone?).
    I found 1.03 from this site, but it bombs on my box. This is for Win2k. Can anyone point me to the most recent drivers? I am looking for a link here.
    Also, are there any known issues with the 3dfx cards that I should be aware of?
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot forums!
    As you might know, 3dfx doesn't exist anymore, so there are no new official drivers for it. However, there are some at Voodoofiles.com. I can't be more specific because those stupid ASP scripts don't work with Mozilla :evil:
  3. Rick

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    There ARE official drivers that were made for Windows 2000, but they are somewhat old and probably don't work with many newer games.

    If you are to try new drivers, you will have to get 3rd party drivers that have not been created by 3Dfx since they are gone and no longer make new ones.

    The best ones I have tried are the lastest from amigamerlin, as far as compatibility problem-free drivers go. I suggest you ALWAYS uninstall your current drivers before you install new drivers.

    Here's the link to th drivers I am talking about:

    I've tried all new drivers, but none of them seem to work properly. Those have given me the least trouble and decent performance.
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    Thank you guys. I have been to voodoofiles.com, but I will pull those down and install them. Hope to have some good news on this......

    woops. That link brings up dead links to the zip file. Anyone have it they can post for me?
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    If you're just playing Diablo II and Q3:A, then you can use the latest official 3dfx drivers... AFAIR they had no problems with either games...

    But if you'd like to use play newer games, I'd suggest NuAngels 2k driverpack 2...

    It's working like a charm on my system, playing WC3, Dungeon Siege etc...

  8. Per Hansson

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