3dfx VooDoo3 dosen't work, need new drivers?

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Feb 1, 2005
  1. I recently installed a voodoo3 video card in an old compaq 5000 that i formatted. The install CD that came with the card had drivers for windows 9x and NT. the NT drivers seemed to fail so i went online but there were no official drivers. I installed a 3rd party driver called "v3-w2k-xp-1.0-9-beta9" and changed the BIOS. Now the card displays video on startup until the "welcome" part of XP. Then i have to plug the monitor into the integrated video slot to see the desktop etc. Does anyone know of a fix for this or a different driver? :confused:
  2. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    Is there another voodoo driver for xp you can install?
  3. bushwhacker

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot!

    You should read this post much further. It is about 3DFX VooDoo3 Tweaks and Drivers. It has links for driver downloads.


  4. frasier

    frasier TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    there were NT drivers on the cd also
  5. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    Last time I fooled with a voodoo card and xp, there was a place called voodoofiles or something like that. They had drivers you could try that _supposedly_ worked under xp. If you google around a bit you might find them.
  6. Paul

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    Fraiser try these drivers in here they are the best i know of for voodoo 3
  7. frasier

    frasier TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    hmmm, i looked at those drivers paul and it dosent' have one for XP, only 2000, 9x, and NT 4.0

    would any of these work anyway?
  8. Paul

    Paul TS Rookie Posts: 58

    You can try the one for 2000 .
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