3dmark score dropped a lot after upgrading to xp pro!

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Sep 30, 2003
  1. On xp home, I was running a 3d mark score of 11,400. I upgraded my HDD and installed winXP pro, and now my 3d mark score has dropped significantly. It's now like 8000. Why is it so much lower with XP pro? Should I go back to home? Is home better for gaming?
  2. Steg

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    i dont have a clue why that should be
    have u installed all vital 3DCard/Chipset drives?
    Pro SHOULD be faster than home on account of not have all those extra programs running in memory - try closing as many proccesses and applications as possible - see if that helps

  3. gsgleason

    gsgleason TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    yes, I reinstalled everything identically. Same apps, same everything except XP Pro instead of home. I think I might try reinstalling xp home again. I like wasting time with this stuff. =)

  4. gsgleason

    gsgleason TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    home is better!!

    I have two hard drives, and my second one has all my drivers and programs I use on it, so yesterday I reformatted my main hard drive again, and went back to XP Home, installed my drivers for everything, and here are the results.

    This is with identical hardware and drivers. I ran it before and after Iinstalled Direct X 9b and it was about 100 points less with the new direct x.
  5. Greeno

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    Very Odd... there must be something going on there.
  6. Supra

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    I lost over 500 points when I went from 98SE to Xp home and ive even got newer drivers(45.32) and have it tweaked(no overclocking) as much as i can and it still cant recoupe the points.
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