4 beeps and no signal to the monitor

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Nov 25, 2003
  1. I was pretty much given a HP computer with printer and scanner. Which is maybe 3or 4 years old I would guess. The CPU is a micro tower, I have never seen one this small. So last night I hook it all up. At first it does not beep at all, then later it beeps 4 times. The monitor says to check video connection. All seems well, still won't do anything. I hook another monitor up that I know works, same thing.

    I take the cover off and check for any loose connections. The power to the hard drive is loose. I then reseat it and the computer boots up great. But now I must hold the power button down for at least 5 seconds before it will power off. It will reboot just fine but if I shut it down it does this same thing again. If I unplug the power to the HD and the plug it up again. It boots up fine.

    It is running Win98 SE. Could this be a software conflict or virus? This thing has tons of different programs on it.
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    Ok, I just downloaded that patch on a disk and will try it tonight when I get home. But is this really a shutdown issue? Seems odd that it will boot just fine as long as I disconnect and reconnect the power to the hard drive.
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    That patch didn't work. Now I can't even get the PC to post at all. No matter what I do. Its still not sending a signal to the monitor. Now it doesn't even beep at start up. Even if I disconnect the power to the HD.

    Anyone got any ideas?
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    So umm....nobody got any other ideas?
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    I'm having the exact same issue that you're having with an HP xw8000: Makes 4 beeps during shutdown routine and then won't turn off until I press power button for several seconds. I then have to reboot several times before a signal is finally sent to the monitor. Strange. Sounds like the same issue you had. Does anyone have a fix for this or any ideas what about the issue could be?? Thx
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    "4 short System timer failure The clock/timer IC failure, or there is a RAM error in the first bank of memory."

    Other places also mention ram errors in the first bank of memory.

    Having posted that, I should mention that all bets are off when cmos batteries near the end of their useful life and won't retain full charges anymore.

    Before you trash a board, replace a battery.

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    You could also try reseating your memory modules in case their is a loose connection. If there is only 1 memory module try moving it to the next socket.

    Replacing the BIOS battery was a good suggestion, this can cause issues in older computers.

    If neither of these things solve the issue it could be a faulty PSU, do you (or anyone your know) have a spare known good PSU or computer you can switch out your power supply with?
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