4 memsticks as 2 pair of dual channel on A8N-SLI Deluxe

By Guillius
Mar 12, 2005
  1. So far so good building my new rig, just stumbled upon something that I guess I do not understand. So far I have bought the A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo, and AMD 3500+ 90nm cpu, and a case. Been doing some research on the memory and I came up with thinking I wanted this:

    CORSAIR XMS 184-Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200 PRO series with activity LEDs, Model CMX512-3200XLPRO - Retail

    Model# CMX512-3200XLPRO

    Manufacturer: CORSAIR
    Speed: DDR400(PC3200)
    Type: 184-Pin DDR DIMM
    Error Checking: Non-ECC
    Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered
    Cas Latency: 2-2-2-5
    Support Voltage:2.8V
    Bandwidth: 3.2GB/s
    Organization: 64Mx64 -Bit
    Warranty: Lifetime

    After a bit of more research I found 2 things. One.. the next ram I am about to talk about scored higher in a review site and two... the Asus site says it supports the latter as two pairs of dual channel memory but it does not support the corsair one. This is the other memory:

    Crucial Ballistix 184-Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200 - Retail

    Model# BL6464Z402

    Manufacturer: Crucial
    Speed: DDR400(PC3200)
    Type: 184-Pin DDR SDRAM
    Error Checking: Non-ECC
    Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered
    Cas Latency: 2
    Support Voltage: 2.8V
    Organization: 64M x 64 -Bit
    Warranty: Lifetime

    Now, is that really possible? That the mobo will not support a specific stick as two pairs of dual channel but it will others? The reason for my question is I am really wanting the LEDs on the first pair but... I will most likely buy another two sticks shortly after the rig is built and I don't want it switching bakc to single channel. Anyone have any expereience with this?
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    I would take the Crucial Ballistix. After all, you want performance, not some more decorations for your Xmas-tree!
  3. Guillius

    Guillius TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thats what I figured... thanks!
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