5.1 PC Speakers to DVD player or TV???

By natedogg637
Jan 19, 2006
  1. I recently purchased the GMAX 5100 PC Surround Sound System, and was told from the seller that I would be able to connect the system as a home theatre surround sound system. However, I have been having problems doing such. There are three 1/8in plugs and my TV only has one and my DVD player only has RCA and coaxial inputs. What should I do?
  2. l33t_tek

    l33t_tek TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Well, I don't know what 1/8 inch plug you're talking about, but don't hook it up to your DVD player or TV. PC Speakers are made for PC's and TV Speakers are made for TV's. I've connected several Creative and Logitech Surround Sound speakers to my TV and DVD and the quality was horrible. The bass was choppy, the sub-woofer sound like it was going to break and just the general sound was beyond horrendous.
    Take your speakers and hook them up to your computer - that's what they're made for.
    If you really want a home theatre system for your TV, go shopping for some real speakers. It's not worth hooking up PC speakers to your TV or DVD.
  3. seanp789

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    You will need to purchase a cable like this LINK . They come come in lengths from 3ft to 15ft. Buy the shortest one you can get away with.

    You can use your speakers but PC speakers usually are not powerful enough to give the full home theatre effect. Still it wont cost you much to try as a good HT system will cost you at least a $1000.
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