50'' Sony Plasma Display...i need to set-up a media center for it...

By canaan
May 19, 2006
  1. I recently purchased a sony 50" plasma display (FWD-50PX2) from a friend's local business and when i recieved it, i found it to be for business instead of personal.

    Either way, i have this monitor that will play my digital cable (although not in HD) and my xbox360 (also not in HD) and I have to keep switching the AV plugs.

    I want to build a computer specifically for the monitor that will act as my (1.) main computer where I can use the monitor as my PC device, (2.) hub for my internet connection (broadband) so i can have this computer, an xbox360, and another computer running on the same connection, preferrably wireless. (3.) use the computer as a DVR-type unit, and (4.) have enough adaptors to run all that stuff, plus 5.1 surround sound because this display has limited connectivity.

    If anyone can help me on where to start or who to talk to, i would be in great debt to them.

    canaan m. patragas
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