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Jun 22, 2006
  1. Im trying to fix a 56k modem problem for a friend and I decided to get a new one because Im pretty sure the other one is fried. So I put it in and I got it to connect and everything but it wont connect above 12k. I mean I know its rare that it ever connects at 56k on a modem but 9k-12k is just frickan crazy. It is extremely slow and wont go any faster. Any thoughts on how to make the connection better?
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    Even with the booster, it will be slow. That`s the nature about dial-up. I`ve had it and really hated it. I tried all the "boosters" available, and still it was the same.

    Time to upgrade to broadband, it`s MUCH MUCH better.
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    Did you install the drivers for the modem? also His ISP should have provided him with a disk with a program that has a wizard that configures his modem for connecting with them. did you redo the connection with the new modem?
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    most boosters for dial-up are really a waste of time. All they do is compress or filter out graphics (which tend to take the longest for downloading.) You're really not going to speed it up that much.
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