5700le problem

By 5700hater
Jul 13, 2005
  1. OK heres the thing. I bought a 5700le from my friend and I used it for like 3 months and everything worked perfect with it. My system though is a piece of crap. PIII 500MHZ
    320 MB
    really old motherboard, i dont even know its model
    20GB HD
    although card requres 8x AGP i obly have 2X AGP. puke: I know this is a piece of crap. MY problem is that now my card doesnt recognize directx 9 or not even 7. i havent had this problem before. I played even HL2 and CS Source with it. of course they were in minimum requrements but now the game doesn't even start. I have no idea what hapened to it. Can anyone have some piece of advice or even coments about this. I really need some help.
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