5900XT running at 4x not 8x

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Oct 30, 2005
  1. Hi, got a Gigabyte 5900XT (supports AGP speed 8x) and an Abit mobo (KD7-G) supports upto 8x. When I click the gigabyte VGA Utility in the tooltray and select VGA Information it states that the AGP Speed is 4x.
    I have entered the BIOS of the mobo and I cannot change the AGP speed (although I can if I put in my old Ti200 Geforce). I have the latest BIOS for both GPU & Mobo so I am now at a loss as to why its not running at 8x, any help greatly appreciated :)
  2. Eric Legge

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  3. kirock

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    Have you updated the chipset drivers for the mobo too?
  4. Rick

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    Don't worry about it. :)
  5. Mirob

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    Some BIOS do have setting for that.
  6. SheHateMe

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    In my experience there is a huge difference between 4 and 8x. Make sure in your BIOS that your motherboard is allowing 8X and not 4X.
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